Loyalty Systems manages Stored Value Card (SVC) programs and provides SVC processing services, such as authorization processing, posting, account maintenance, statement generation, and settlement services

About Us - Loyalty Systems

The Loyalty Systems Advantage – When You Reward Your Customers, Your Business Grows!

As the leading supplier of one of the most powerful marketing platforms, we at Loyalty Systems have been helping to influence customer's sales habits for over seven years, making it possible to reward customers through their on-going loyalty. Based on our experience, we have found that through stored value card-based offers, an organization greatly increases the sales of their existing customers and retains them without effort. The bottom line is that we have successfully helped countless organizations keep customers across the US as well as internationally, giving small, medium and larger sized companies the chance to compete through loyalty strategies.

What we do is build customer loyalty! Our goal right from the start was to show our clients how to drive increased revenue and extend a customer lifecycle in an easy to apply strategy that fits any budget. For this reason, we literally put our attention on helping organizations know their customers, improve brand awareness, tailor offers to specific customers, drive business even during less busy times and stay in touch with customers through strong loyalty systems. We are proud to state that through our approach, clients claim that Loyalty Systems packs a powerful punch that motivates consumers towards more consistent buying decisions, increases customer retention and delivers on customer loyalty.

We understand that every company has different needs, which means that a loyalty program has to fit well into any and every type of business. We use that to your advantage, as our loyalty system strengthens and enhances the relationship you share with your customers. As such, we tailor a program to your specific needs, developing dynamic solutions that are explicitly geared towards increased customer loyalty. Basically, we have made it our mission to provide clients with a wide range of card-based value added services that boost customer retention, increase brand awareness, help to acquire new customers, improve on loyalty and retention rates and expand on further streams of revenue. Our systems include:

By providing clients in the retail, financial and sales arena with the most sophisticated and advanced value added services, Loyalty Systems progressive platform focuses strictly on increasing the value of products and services through a dynamic rewards program.. In essence, the stored value card program facilitated by Loyalty Systems strengthens existing customer relationships while simultaneously generating added revenue. Whatever the size of your company, whether larger in nature or one with smaller interests, Loyalty Systems will do everything in our power to help you generate loyal results!

To learn more about our systems and card value services, please contact us by calling (972) 232-9155 or write to us at our (Contact Us) page to gain greater insight into our successful loyalty programs.