Loyalty Systems manages Stored Value Card (SVC) programs and provides SVC processing services, such as authorization processing, posting, account maintenance, statement generation, and settlement services

Loyalty Programs

Reward Your Customers and Watch Your Business Grow!

Have you ever noticed when a particular business treats you well and rewards you for being a loyal customer, you feel good about that company and enjoy working with them? The reason is simple! We all want to be treated courteously, professionally and with respect, so when a retailer, financial company or sales organization shows you they care, you naturally are loyal to that company and will return again and again. Not only do you return, but you also tell others about their good service. Keeping that premise in mind, maintaining a good customer reward system can make all the difference to your business and keep your customers with you for as long as you want.

A Loyalty System Tailored to Your Industry!

When exploring the definition of 'Loyalty,' it's obvious that the true meaning of loyalty is having faithfulness and devotion to something or someone. It is a state of being steadfast in how we respond to a particular person or company. Today, more and more companies are using loyalty as a way to motivate customers and to retain their business. After all, you want your customers to remain devoted to you and of course you hope they will continue to choose you over any other company; however that doesn't happen by chance. If your goal is to create a compelling customer incentive program that supports you in acquiring and keeping profitable customers happy, Loyalty Systems can show you how. Not only do we offer value for your money; we also help you increase customer retention and build ongoing, genuine loyalty. To achieve this, we provide a full service solution for your business needs which includes:

Drive Revenue Up

We at Loyalty Systems make the process of building customer loyalty, driving increased revenue, extending your customer lifecycle, improving brand awareness and gaining deeper insights into your customers buying habits very easy. By offering a full range of card products geared and tailored to your industry, we show you how to build your personalized rewards campaign. To bring this point home more fully, in today's marketplace, loyalty cards have become very popular with more and more people keeping these cards in their wallets at all times. In fact, most people use them on a regular basis, which means providing the reward card system can influence where your customer's purchase products as well as the decisions they make when shopping. With a loyalty program, you can also collect data on your customer's buying habits and sales trends giving you important information about your customers spending habits. Loyalty Systems supports you by offering the following:

Loyalty Systems Premier Products

Your customers know that certain products can be costly so to unlock the door to loyalty and customer retention and to ensure that your customers return to your business again and again, Loyalty Systems has developed premier products that reward your customers with added incentives. The following systems are our premier products and can take your business far:

Coupon on a Card

In today's world, consumers expect an easy and convenient way of managing their spending along with their saving experiences. Coupon on a Card is that kind of tool. The rewarding experience of Coupon on a Card keeps your customers coming back as it drives greater interest and results.

With Coupon on a Card your organization can deliver discounts and rewards to your customers at the point of sale. To ensure your success, Loyalty Systems customizes a book of coupons specific to your requirements, plus we go even steps further. Rather than using traditional paper coupons, your customer will receive a card that can be branded with your logo and marketing content. Marketing information is right on their card thereby eliminating the need to carry around pre-printed coupons. By keeping the Coupon on a Card handy, customers don't have to pay full price for any product or service as the coupon can be accepted at the point of sale and the discount deducted instantly from the customer's bill.

In addition, the Coupon on a Card program provides an online management tool, which allows you to easily administer your entire program. In other words, you can issue cards, redeem discounts and create email campaigns smoothly and effortlessly. We also offer a vast array of reports to help you monitor and analyze the success of your redemption program.

Multi-Wallet Programs

At the core of our transaction processing system is what we define as 'wallets,' something that holds a certain type of value. A 'wallet' holds rewards, coupons, loyalty points, money, currencies, discounts or any other medium you wish to track. The value stored in a wallet is based upon specific business requirements; therefore an account can have an unlimited number of wallets associated with the account and fees can be assessed based on the type of transaction performed.

Loyalty Systems developed the Multi-Wallet Program for card issuers and allows them to track cash and points for each account. The authorization rules are configured to collect from a specific wallet based on the type of transaction received. Our Multi-Wallet capability is a powerful tool and allows you to customize the rules for your business needs.

Funds and Fee Settlement

Adding to our array of strategies, Loyalty Systems has developed a robust settlement system for programs that track purchases, withdrawals, deposits, fees, and other interchanges. Our Funds and Fee Settlement system moves funds to a range of parties and a variety of accounts based on the transaction type and fees accessed. Loyalty Systems provides a single-source solution, which requires little to no work by a bank or card issuer. At the end of each business day, all cardholder funds can be settled into the bank's control account and all revenue fees/interchanges can be settled directly with the card issuer. This allows for easy monitoring, which limits the need to move funds between multiple accounts.

Take a moment to browse through our website and see all the exceptional loyalty systems that are available to you at affordable prices. Offering an array of options, Loyalty Systems stored value cards can be closed or open loop cards complete with a wide range of start to finish options that allow the ultimate in customization for each card program. When you're ready for the best as well as the broadest range of rewards programs, contact Loyalty Systems and let our specialists show you how to make your profits soar. When it comes to shopping, banking and the purchase of other products or services, having a rewards card loyalty system can mean all the difference to your business.