Loyalty Systems manages Stored Value Card (SVC) programs and provides SVC processing services, such as authorization processing, posting, account maintenance, statement generation, and settlement services

Our Platform

Our transaction processing platform is centered around a product agnostic Stored Value Accounting (SVA) system which allows for "payment composites" or value-added "product cards" to be created. This allows the system to create new payment card concepts. The system is denominated in points, which allows any currency, billing, medical benefits program or marketing loyalty system to be represented in a consistent fashion. Card products can be defined for markets, for strategic partners, or even individual users through the definition of rules. Any value-transfer concept can be defined in terms of rules driving the SVA engine. Any of these products can be delivered through any channel that has the infrastructure to authenticate the end user. This concept presents a complete revolution in the flexibility of the products that can be defined and delivered.

The product agnostic structure allows organizations with specific domain knowledge to leverage our infrastructure to provide payment or loyalty products specific to their industry.

Our platform's flexibility allows new services to be seamlessly added with minimum effort. The transaction engine is capable of processing a virtually unlimited number of enhanced financial services. Our ground up design eliminates the difficulties of developing software around a single purpose application and allows Loyalty Systems to plug-in a variety of unique enhanced services that each stand on their own.

At the heart of Loyalty Systems's Transaction Processing Platform is our flexible Authorization Engine. This centerpiece feature allows our clients to implement their business models in an intuitive fashion. Our Authorization Engine derives its decision-making rules based on limits, fees and requirements that you set in accordance with your chosen business model.

Loyalty Systems' leading edge technology eliminates the reliance upon outdated, legacy platforms, and provides an extremely reliable, highly customizable architecture. Loyalty Systems' ownership and management of the processing platforms source code provides independence from suppliers and enables Loyalty Systems to more rapidly respond to customer requests and opportunities.